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FAB Customer Relationship Management software is a one-stop cloud based system designed specifically to organise and automate every aspect of your business. FAB CRM provides systems to efficiently process website and sales enquiries, fulfil orders, manage your staff resources, engage and manage your suppliers and customers. FAB CRM is designed to be simple to use with very minimal or no training. Quickly empower your staff with a single and organised software system to significantly improve the day to day running of your business.

FAB CRM does not require any expensive programming or time consuming installation procedures. It is hosted entirely and securely in the cloud. You can be up and running in a single day.
There are endless ways to tailor and customize FAB CRM to meet your exact ways of working. From day one, you will see a marked improvement in efficiency.
Watch how quickly efficency translates into profit and sustained business growth.

Data Capture

All the software you need in one application to capture information about your business from issues, enquiries, files, assets and opportunities.

Resource Management

Single solution to manage and grow your business with crm, cases, tasks, projects, appointments, smart reminders, contacts and emails.


Create real-time dashboards to report on key performance indicators, marketing performance, risks, opportunities, growth and financial forecasts.


Industry specific modules extend the core features to deliver perfectly designed and tailored business solutions off-the-shelf.
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Estate Agency

Residential & Commercial Sales

Letting Agency

Letting & Property Management

Recruitment Agency

Temp & Perm Staff

Accountancy Practice

Xero Integration & Client Portal

Medical Centre

Clinic & Patient Care

Website Widgets

CRM Empowered Website Interaction


The core features underpin FAB modules to provide a complete solution.

  • Contacts

    Manage People, Customers, Suppliers

    Highly comprehensive Contact Management system and CardDAV Server. Create contact types. Contacts can login to their own personal Contact Portal where they can raise support tickets, complete forms and upload files.

  • Calendar

    Manage Times and Places

    Fully integrated appointment scheduling system and CalDAV Server. Appointment invitees have the option to accept or decline invitations and save and update appointments in their favorite Calendar application, including Google Calendar.

  • Cases

    Manage Issues Effectively

    Manage customer issues, enquiries and events effectively. Create individually tailored service level agreements and send automated smart alerts to Case assignees, managers and approvers.

  • File Management

    Share and Approve Files

    Upload electronic files to the FAB cloud WebDAV Server where files can be shared and edited dynamically. PDF file approval requests can be sent to any number of Contacts in a structured order leading to approved and digitally signed resources.

  • Kanban Boards

    Virtual Sticky Note Whiteboards

    Whiteboards are a simple and effective way to manage processes and workflow. Design your own whiteboards and display Cases, Appointments, Emails, Tasks, Files plus custom module items including Properties and Job Vacancies.

  • Sales Opportunities

    Manage Business Growth

    Opportunities provide a structured way to quantify, manage and forecast future sales pipelines and accountability. Opportunities promote a culture of identifying and growing sales pipelines, leading to accelerated growth.

  • Task Management

    Work Assignment and Approval

    Assign tasks to any Contact. Track effort, cost and accountability. Group tasks into Projects. Any number of Contacts can be invited to fulfil a task. First to accept becomes responsible for completing the assignment. Structured approval procedure.

  • Email Campaigns

    Automated Email Marketing

    Design personalised and adaptive email templates. Fully automated and scheduled email campaigns can be targeted on detailed and dynamic selection criteria. Automatic follow up campaigns can be triggered on responses. Tracking and reporting.

  • Database Builder

    Organise Your Assets

    Databases are your FAB swiss army knife. Design your own fully integrated databases with custom attributes and a host of useful options from barcode readers, asset management, costs, geographic location and scheduled smart reminders.

  • Web Forms Builder

    Electronic Data Capture

    Forms are a powerful way to capture customized data. Any number of custom attributes and questions can be added to a form. Forms can be displayed on any web page. Partially completed forms can be completed over multiple visits.

  • Reporting

    Business Intelligence Reporting

    Detailed and dynamic dashboards and reports can be designed, based on real time core FAB data, or custom databases and attributes. Reports can show key performance indicators and produce detailed PDF financial and accountability reports.

  • xero+

    FAB + XERO = XERO+

    XERO+ is a FAB Extension for Xero Accounting. Design automated billing plans which generate invoices and credit notes which are sent to multiple Xero organisation accounts. FAB downloads and consolidates financial data from multiple Xero organisation accounts for KPI and advanced financial reporting.

  • The API

    Application Programming Interface

    Introducing the FAB CRM API for 'that something' an 'off-the-shelf' system cannot easily fulfil. Easily build an app or webpage or integrate with your existing systems to meet your exact needs.

  • FAB


    Business Specific Modules

    Custom Modules extended the core system to meet the exact requirements of particular businesses, such as Real Estate, Recruitment, Accountancy, Medical and more.

Our Amazing Team

We wholeheartedly believe our success is entirely due to the dedication, commitment and inspiration of our team.


Engaging and Professional.


Patient and focused.


Innovative and creative.

FAB CRM is built upon Microsoft dotNet development technologies and server products.
Our sales, support and development team are skilled and equipped to entertain, support and undertake custom development projects that extend our core platform or use the Microsoft technologies we are familiar and skilled with.

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